5 Things to Watch Out For When Choosing a Free Web Hosting Company

//5 Things to Watch Out For When Choosing a Free Web Hosting Company

Free Web Hosting CompanyChoosing a web host is a critical step when looking to launch your website. Without a web host, your site cannot operate. When looking to start a website, you’ll be faced with two choices; free or commercial web hosting. Most new business owners start with free hosting and upgrade to shared hosting, or dedicated later. But when choosing a free host, there are certain things you need to know upfront:

1) Free web hosting and the amount of hosting space

Before choosing a free web hosting solution, ask yourself if it offers enough space to cater for your website needs. You should also find out if it provides for future expansion. Most sites don’t exceed 5MB of web hosting space. But if you intend to use a lot of videos, images, and audios, the free option may not be sufficient.

2) Free web hosting comes with a lot of ads

You should know upfront that most free web hosting providers compel you to accept ads on your website. They do this to cover the cost of free hosting. Some ads that they will impose include banner ads, popup and popunder windows, and advertising frame. Most people dislike popup and popunder windows, and others hate banner ads and advertising frames. So it’s upon you to decide whether you want a free hosting or not.

3) Most free web hosting providers don’t offer FTP access

FTP is a tool that helps you to transfer your files, including web pages from your computer to the web host’s servers to enable them to be viewed by everyone around the world. FTP access is critical because you always have an important file you want to add to your website using your computer or browser.

4) Speed and reliability of free web hosting solutions

Speed and reliability are particularly crucial to the success of any website. When a site experiences a lot of downtimes, you will lose a lot of customers for good. Slow page load time is also bad for your website. If your pages load slowly, many visitors will abandon your site. Free web hosting solutions don’t have the reliability and speed required to run a serious website.

5) Free web hosting and bandwidth allotment

Free web hosting providers limit the amount of bandwidth you can use. If you exceed that limit, they will slow down your site significantly. A free hosting solution will not be able to host a ton of traffic.


You must know by now that anything free comes with a catch. So if you choose free hosting for your website, expect limited bandwidth, disc space, and speed. Also, expect a lot of downtimes and limited features and tools.

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